Naming articles of clothing
Identifying color
Describing fabric design and fabric type

Verb + infinitive
Adjective/noun word order
The intensifier too

I am/I'm
She is/She's
He is/He's wearing a/an ______.
You are/You're
What is this/What's this? It's a _________.
What are these?/These are _________.
It's too (big/small/tight/loose/long/short).
It fits/doesn't fit.

Color symbolism

  • Articles of clothing (all the basic types/colors)
  • Samples of fabric design and fabric type
  • Misfitting clothes
  • Blindfolds
  • A needle
  • Taped music
  • A bottle or jar with a lid

  • Handout #1: Basic clothing types for paired activity
  • Handout #2: Listing of colors, fabric patterns, fabric types
  • Obstacle course (in a space other than the classroom, if possible)
  • Enlisting help of another person to illustrate "finally" in vocabulary list for the JESUS story

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