Ailments and remedies

Inquiring about one's health
Describing symptoms of illness
Suggesting remedies
Making polite requests


What's the matter? / What's wrong?
I have a/an ________.
She/he has a/an _____________.
You should ______________.

Home remedies

  • Map of the U.S.
  • Crutch (or long stick to lean on)
  • Cloth to tie around head / cotton for a 'fake' swollen jaw
  • Pill bottle
  • Heating pad
  • Ice pack
  • Bandage for knee

  • Handout #1: Ailments (one per student + one to cut out squares)
  • Handout #2a: Ailments (more advanced vocabulary)
  • Handout #2b: Ailments (more advanced pictures of ailments)
  • Handouts #3a and b: Ailments (gap activityHandout #4: Giving advice / remedies
  • Handout #5: Conversation between Jesus and the demoniac (gap activity)
  • Ailments written on board before class time

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