Weather / Seasons

Describing weather

Adverbs of frequency always, usually, often, sometimes, etc.
Intensifier very (more advanced)
Comparative adjectives hotter/colder, more/less (more advanced)

How is the weather?
It's/It is hot/cold/rainy, etc.
It's/It is hot/cold/rainy, etc. in [Name of City].

Seasonal comparisons

  • Large box labeled "boat"
  • Authentic pictures of various types of weather conditions
  • Copies of a newspaper weather map for each student (USA Today or any local paper)
  • Colored pictures depicting the four seasons
  • Weather gear (ear muffs, scarf, umbrella, hand fan)

  • Handout #1: Matching Exercise
  • Handout #2: Weather Disasters (Questions/Answers for novices)
  • Handout #3: Weather Disasters (Information Gap for more advanced students)
  • Handout #4: Adverbs of Frequency
  • Handout #5: Practice With Adverbs of Frequency
  • One dry and one moist cloth for vocabulary introduction
  • Cassette tape of a current local weather forecast or video clip of a current five-day forecast
  • New grammar structure on board or transparency.
  • Video of movie, Twister (optional)

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