Identifying foods
Offering/refusing food
Expressing food preferences
Agreeing and disagreeing with opinions

Negative "don't"
Polite requests using would
Prepositions of place (more advanced)

Would you please ________? / May I please have _____?
Thank you./Thank you very much.
Would you care for more? Yes, please. / No, thank you.
Thank you for the delicious (meal / lunch / dinner).
What is your favorite food?

Comparison of dining customs and table manners

  • Food samples (realia!)
  • Grocery store flyers (ideal-one per student)
  • A personal letter (sample)
  • Bowl of water, a small dish and a cloth
  • Small dish to dry
  • A small cooking pot with a lid
  • Crackers and honey
  • Tape for "Musical Chairs"
  • A sample dinner invitation
  • Small box with lid
  • A drying towel
  • Sheet or large table cloth
  • Perfume
  • Blindfold

  • Handout #1: Expressing food preferences
  • Handout #2: Agreeing/disagreeing
  • A small gift-wrapped package
  • Individual food samples
  • Nametags: Simon and Jesus

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