Asking for and giving information about jobs
Making suggestions (more advanced)
Agreeing/Politely disagreeing to suggestions (more advanced)

Articles Present continuous verbs
Locatives (next to, beside, into, down/up, to/from)

Who am I? I'm a/an ________.
What's your occupation? / What's your job? / What do you do?

Ranking jobs according to their importance

  • Needle and thread
  • Chalk
  • Fishing pole/net (or sketch)
  • Piece of music
  • Apron and cooking spoon
  • Water colors/brush
  • Calculator
  • Brush/curlers/scissors
  • A box
  • String for a clothesline
  • Extension cord, light bulb
  • Cap and taxi cab sign
  • Towel/pad/pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Stethoscope
  • Seeds and hoe
  • Cloth and pan of water
  • Map with Sea of Galilee

  • Handout #1: (Job survey for novices)
  • Handout #2: (Who Lives Where?)
  • Handout #3: (Vocabulary
  • Handout #4: (Useful phrases for problem-solving)
  • Handout #5: (Baker Street Apartments)
  • Names of occupations mounted on wall (See #A, SSG)
  • 3x5 "occupation" cards (one set for each pair of students)
  • Magazine pictures of occupations (one per student)
  • Colored construction paper with words (See "Presentation")
  • "Boat" sign for the box (listed in supplies)

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