Body parts

Giving instructions

Questions with what
Imperative verb forms
Negative contraction don't

What's this? It's a ___________.
(Simple present verb) + your + (name of body part).
Don't (simple present verb) + your + (body part).

Body language

  • Two shirts and some food for sharing
  • Map of ancient Israel
  • Umbrella and a sun hat
  • Sample of sand or picture of desert
  • A disguise (wig, dark glasses, mask, etc.)

  • Handout #1A: Body parts labeled
  • Handout #1B: Body parts for students to label
  • Handout #2: Imperatives for TPR (more advanced)
  • Handout #3: Teachings of John the Baptist
  • Handout #4: Dialog between the Devil and Jesus
  • Paper strips of instructions cut from Handout #3
  • Color labels (most basic colors) for items in classroom
  • Signs for "river" and "desert" on opposite walls in the classroom
  • Paper strips on which are written teachings of John the Baptist as worded at the bottom of page 4.15

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