Transportation / travel

Identifying types of transportation
Describing childhood experiences
Asking for/telling time
Interrupting to ask for the time
Inquiring about times for arrival and departure

Questions with what/when

What time is it? It's ______ o'clock.
When does ____ arrive/leave? It arrives/leaves at ___________.
When you were a child, did you ever ___________?
Yes, I did. / No, I didn't. (more advanced only)

Modes of transportation

  • Pictures of various types of transportation
  • Paper plates, brads, pens, and construction paper hands for clock (Students make their own!)
  • Demonstration poster board 'clock' with movable 'hands' attached with a brad; and with two different colors to represent after and 'til
  • Apple and paring knife
  • 2 rags (1 clean, 1 dirty)
  • Airline ticket (used is fine!)
  • Boarding pass (used!)
  • Map of the host country
  • Authentic flight schedules
  • One bar of soap
  • World map or globe
  • Seed and a small container of dirt

  • Handout #1: Information gap with clock time
  • Handout #2A: Chart of flight information (for novices)
  • Additional copies of Handout #2 but with everything blank
  • Handout #2B: Flight Information (more advanced only)
  • Handout #3: Did You Ever . . .? (more advanced only)
  • Names of cities on the classroom walls

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