Using cardinal and ordinal numbers to talk about the calendar

There is / there are
Questions what/when/where/how many

What is your favorite _______? Why is it your favorite?
How many ________ are in ________?
What is today? Today is ___________.
When were you born?
Where were you born?

Birthday celebrations

  • Pictures of babies
  • A birthday candle for each student (if possible)
  • Calendar (preferably one with colorful seasonal pictures)
  • Birthday cake, hats, and whistles (and/or birthday pictures)
  • Birth announcement
  • Real baby, a picture of a real baby, or a doll with a receiving blanket
  • Nativity set (if possible)
  • Coat, umbrella, and sun hat
  • Koosh ball

  • Handout #1: months, days of the week
  • Handout #2: months in squares to cut out
  • Handout #3: jumbled words, missing letters, scrambled letters, and questions re: days of the week
  • Handout #4: cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Handout #5: birthday interview
  • Handout #6: calendar expressions
  • Handout #7: "In Bethlehem" (jazz chant)

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