Life passages

Describing physical attributes
Talking about important events in one's life
Giving and receiving compliments about physical attributes

The use of some and all

Questions to ask about physical attributes
She/he's ___________-er than _________. She/he's the _________-est.

Age-specific rituals

  • A book with clear chapter distinctions
  • Paper clips for marking chapters
  • A sample of spices
  • A large nail (or spike, if possible)
  • Things to carry
  • A scrapbook of memorabilia
  • A large rock
  • Things to show
  • An example of (1) dull and (2) shiny
  • A rock for rolling
  • A video camera (optional)

  • Handout #1: Vocabulary for "Describing People"
  • Handout #2: Pair activity with physical descriptions
  • Pictures (if possible) of the various stages or passages of life

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