Death and burial

Expressing sympathy

Time expressions (last night, tomorrow, etc.)
Past tense
Future tense with will and going to
Very as an intensifier

Your uncle just died?
I'm sorry.
You have my (sympathy, condolence).

Burial customs

  • Hammer
  • Nails (one per student)
  • Authentic obituaries from a newspaper (one for each pair of students-optional)
  • Current calendar
  • A nut in a shell
  • A bone from cooked meat

  • Handout #1: Transcription of Sam and Ken conversation
  • Handout #2: Copies of the Rosalie Berg obituary for lesson content (one for each pair of students)
  • Handout #3: Questionnaire for obituary activity
  • Handout #4: Past tense irregular verb forms
  • Cassette tape of Sam and Ken conversation(make your own)
  • Questions written on the board
    1. Who are these people?
    2. Are they friends?
    3. Who died?
    4. When did he die?
    5. When will the funeral be?

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