Asking for/giving information about holidays

Questions with there + short answers
Use of in and on with calendar expressions
Comparative/superlative forms of adjectives

Is there a holiday in [month]? Yes, there is. (or) No, there isn't.
When is [name of holiday]?
[Name of holiday] is in [month] on the [ordinal number date].
I like _____ best because ______________________.
("because" response for more advanced learners)

Celebration Rituals

  • Foods for the "Taste Stations" (each of them numbered)
  • Hammer and nail
  • Pictures and/or props representing the seven holidays in this lesson
  • Small candies or pieces of gum for prizes
  • Current calendars showing U.S. holidays (one for every pair)
  • Cook pot with a few vegetables
  • Book to study
  • Suitcase and a few garments to fold
  • A spoon and a bottle of medicine

  • Handout #1A: Crossword Puzzle (Teacher's Copy)
  • Handout #1B: Crossword Puzzle (Students' Copy)
  • Handouts #2A and #2B: Information gap with Holiday Calendar
  • Handout #3: Timeline of U.S. holidays
  • Handout #4: Blank holiday calendar
  • Handout #5A: Origin of Passover (Teacher's Copy)
  • Handout #5B: Origin of Passover (Students' Copy)

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