Family relationships

Greeting and meeting each other; Describing the family tree

Verb to be
Possessive pronouns my, your, his, her
Singular demonstrative pronouns this/that
Questions with what and how

What is your name?
What is your first/last name?
How do you spell it?
Who is this/that?
My name is _______.
My first/last name is _______,
__ __ __ __ __ __.
This is my ______________.
His/her name is __________.

Handshaking customs

  • Family pictures
  • Colored chalk (if possible)
  • Dry erase or chalkboard
    plus markers or chalk
  • Paper, pencils for students
  • Blank 3x5 cards (optional)
  • Newspaper
  • Pictures of a pregnant
    woman, a nuclear family,
    a mother and child, and
    two people in love
  • Koosh ball or bean bag
  • Local map
  • Map of ancient Israel
  • Current calendar
  • Three small pieces of
  • Magazine or book (as

  • Handout #1: First/Last Name
  • Handout #2: Alphabet
  • Handout #3: Interview
  • Handout #4a,4b,4c: For more advanced learners
  • Nametags for everyone
  • Four nametags: God, Gabriel, Mary, Elizabeth
  • Alphabet written twice on board for team competition

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