Use the JESUS Film to...
Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages

In today's world, English is the official language in 87 nations and territories. While it has long been the language of the international market place, English is rapidly becoming the language of diplomacy as well. More than half of the world's newspapers, scientific and technical journals are printed in English. It is the language of three-fifths of the world's radio stations and three-fourths of the world's mail. Truly "for such a time as this," English has become the window to the world!

Many individuals who would not go to a church for a worship service or Bible study will seek ways to learn or improve their English. In the process of meeting this need to study English, teachers of English to speakers of other language (TESOL), have a unique opportunity to develop relationships out of which to share the Gospel.

This course lays foundation for understanding Who Jesus is. With its interactive approach, it builds a framework of cross-cultural understanding for students and teachers alike. And it opens doors through which Jesus Christ may enter the lives of the students.

The essential teaching tool is the use of the "JESUS" film, first in the learners' native language, the language of the heart; then in English as it provides content for each lesson. Twelve parts of the "JESUS" film have been flagged in the English version for easy use by the teacher.

The material is designed for multi-level settings with something of interest to everyone, no matter how much or how little English he or she may know. Even a person with prior study of English will clamor to practice using the language with an English-speaking teacher. One of the many ways you may choose to use this curriculum is to announce having an "English School" with free tuition and only one prerequisite: viewing the "JESUS" film in a student's first language.

Our goal is to show the "JESUS" film as widely as possible. Therefore, look for every opportunity to give away videos as gifts to teachers, parents of students, friends and government officials.

We hope that these lessons will begin to fulfill a particular need in your area of the world and that the Gospel will be spread as a result of your involvement in using these materials.

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